Important Numbers You will Need After a Disaster

In the post-disaster chaos it is important to have important information handy. Have a list of the contact information for important people and professionals you may need to call after a disaster. Below is a great list to help you start off, but feel free to add to it.

1. List the phone numbers and if possible addresses of important professionals so that it will be on hand in a time of need.

2. Laminate list and keep in your disaster kit or a safe place.

- Doctor’s Phone # for every family member

- Local Hospital Main Number

- Attorney

- Electrician

- Phone Numbers for Insurance Companies (home,car,health,life,etc.)

- Family and Friends – Cell phone batteries may die. It is always good to have a hard copy.

- Local Municipality phone number (city hall, clerk)

- Plumber

- Poison Control

- Alarm Company

- Bank Contact Information

- Emergency Contact

- Veterinarian(if applicable)

- Fire Department

- Utility Company Phone  Numbers (light,water,gas,etc)

- Kennel phone Number for Pets – ask what their policy is during a disaster.

- Police Station

- School and Work Numbers for every family member

- Number for Local Red Cross & FEMA

- Pharmacy Number

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