Preparing for a Drought

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A drought has the potential to:

  1. Cause water shortages
  2. Create conditions ideal for wildfires
  3. Can cause famine or cause food prices to rise because of crop failure and food shortages

Water Shortages

Droughts often take some time to form. Since droughts are not sudden, most people will have the ability to prepare for a drought. There are a few rings you can do for yourself to alleviate the effects of a drought if it gets worse. You can cut down on water use throughout your home and find ways to save water when it does rain. Here are some tips.

  • Begin to Save Water in 55 Gallon Containers or anyway you can
  • When it does rain save the water in buckets to wash dishes
  • Water from your gutters can be used to water your lawn and garden
  • Only flush when necessary. Most of the water we use each day is from flushing toilets.
  • Turn off faucet while brushing teeth. Do not let the water run down the drain when you are not using it.
  • Take more baths.
  • Wash only a full load of clothes.
  • Turn off the sprinklers.


Droughts create ideal conditions for wildfires. Here are some tips.

  • It is very important to keep gutters and roof clean
  • Keep vegetation around house watered so that they won’t easily catch fire
  • Move flammable items, such as, firewood and fuels, 15 feet away from your home
  • Have working smoke detectors

Food Shortages

Droughts have the potential to cause food shortages. While droughts in third world countries can cause famine, in Western nations droughts simply cause the cost of food to rise, especially if it hits farmers. Here are some tips.

  • Begin to store food before prices rise
  • Start a family garden

Do not take warnings of droughts lightly. Droughts don’t just affect water. If you begin to prepare early, you can survive a drought no matter how long it lasts.

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